Botanical Photography Series: Flower Child

Being a creative it’s hard to focus on one medium all the time. I like to switch things up instead of painting, by dabbing in some photography with my Nikon DSLR. One of my favorite subjects to photograph is flowers. Flower Child is my series of botanical photography.

Nature Lover

For those of you who don’t know creating colorfully is my passion. Which means even when I’m taking photos, I still try to aim towards getting as much vibrant color as I possibly can. I’m basically a hippy at heart because I’m a huge nature lover and pretty much everything outdoors. Flowers are beautiful and delicate subjects. Capturing them through a lens is a breath taking experience for me.

Shutterbug: a photography enthusiast

I’m not an expert by any means. I shoot as more of a hobby photographer, a shutterbug, if you will. I just have fun with it, thats the most important part. Am I right?

Flower Child: a series taken by Chelz Franzer

Flower Child: a hippie who advocates love, beauty, and peace.

Photography Adventures in Southern California

The location of my botanical photography for Flower Child varies. Quite a few of the flowers were shot at San Francisco, CA in the San Francisco Botanical Garden, when I went up north to visit. I love going to botanical gardens to get my photo inspiration! Some of the other botanical images were shot on spontaneous walks in San Diego, Riverside, and Long Beach, CA.

Other State Travels

I get to travel every now and then since I’m from St. Henry, Ohio, and my dad lives in Ft. Myers, Florida. You’ll catch me bringing my Nikon as a carry-on. Basically, I like to bring my camera everywhere.


Maybe you’re too lazy or busy to go on a photography shooting spree. (I say this because I myself am this way sometimes…okay a lot of the time.) In that case I would just take my camera, and take a couple shots of my garden on my patio. Bim, bam, boom. I have some images to choose from.

You never know where the next photography adventure awaits you!

-xoxo Chelz

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