Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Special Woman in Your Life

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, arriving on Sunday, May 14, 2023. While we should always express our love and gratitude to our moms, this holiday provides a special opportunity to make them feel truly cherished. Fortunately, the internet is bursting with unique gift ideas for mom (and even grandma!).

These gifts cater to a wide range of interests and personalities, from dog-loving moms to artistic types who may have let their creativity slip by the wayside. The majority of the items are either handmade or crafted by small businesses, ensuring a truly special and one-of-a-kind gift. With my fresh perspective and careful curation, this selection is designed to help you find the perfect present for the amazing mother figure in your life.

1. Min & Mon Accessory

As someone who is bored of most purses, wallets, and other handbag accessories I finally discovered a unique shop that sells colorful handbag accessories. Plus the added quality of real leather is an added bonus. You get what you pay for with Min & Mon!

Min & Mon Handbag

2. Fun Pair of Socks

A more budget friendly Mother’s Day gift, that you can never go wrong with is a fun pair of socks. (Speaking from someone that always appreciates socks with a little personality!) You can really find a cool pair of socks anywhere including the mall, if you’re one of those last minute shoppers.

My favorite small business online shop that I stumbled upon is Coucou Suzette. They’re based in France but they have some of the most fun socks that I’ve ever seen! It’s totally worth it I promise!

Coucou Suzette Socks

3. Family Birth Month Flower Print

Each member of your family is represented in botanical beauty with Veronica Ballart’s personalized art. Inspired by botanical illustrations and herbarium sheets, your illustration will visually represent each family member as their birth-month flower. The customization continues with printed details of their favorite hobbies, qualities, and achievements for a truly personalized peice showcasing those you adore.

Personalized Birth Flower Print

4. Rainbow Maker Suncatcher Decals

Who doesn’t love ACTUAL rainbows?! Suncatcher decals are designed for windows that get extra sunlight to reflect rainbows all over the place! They can even come in different designs. Not going to lie, these are some of my favorite home warming decor!

Chelzart Suncatchers

5. Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbird Feeders are essential for any home! Even if you only have a small patio or maybe no patio at all, they make feeders that stick to windows! We have a hummingbird feeder in our garden and it brings us so much joy watching the hummingbirds come and go. Sometimes it’s all about the little things in life.

Hummingbird Feeder

6. Framed Butterfly Decor

Which brings us to the next creative Mother’s Day gift idea for the nature lover. A real framed butterfly frame adds some life to your boring wall! Their specimens come from ethical sources around the world where conservation farms raise and release them to ensure a proper balance of a sustainable ecosystem.

Real Framed Butterfly

7. Personalized Embroidered Bookmark

You may have noticed the special woman in your life like to read, why not get her bookmark. But not just any boring bookmark a customizable that is hand-stitched with exquisite workmanship. This handmade product can be used for a long time without breaking.

Hand Embroidered Corner Bookmark

8. Weed Floral Floral Tray

Time’s are changing and there are a lot of 420 Friendly stoner moms out there looking for some fun weed accessories and HigherBlend is it! My personal favorite is the Weed Floral tray for when your rolling your j’s. You can even match it with the Stash Bag… or lighter. Go check out Higher Blend and see for yourself!

Higher Blend Rolling Tray

9. Custom Dog Photo Lamp

Dog moms are moms too. Maybe the special lady in your life is a dog mom. Treat her with a one of kind custom dog photo lamp, where she can show off her favorite fur baby.

Dog Photo Lamp

10. Motherhood Artwork

Motherhood Art Print series was originally painted on canvas with acrylic paint. Chelzart Giclee Prints are printed on archival paper for beautiful long-lasting prints. Let Motherhood bring some joy to your life and some added color to your home!

Mom and Daughter: Motherhood I

The first of the Motherhood Series is a colorful art print of a mom and daughter elephant.


Mother and Son: Motherhood II

The second of the Motherhood Series is a colorful art print of a mom and son dinosaur.

Chelzart Prints

11. Lego Orchid

Let your creativity bloom with an elegant display piece made of Legos. A blast from the past toy now has rewarding construction projects designed specifically for adult builders. Any of the botanical collection would look great as decor for your home or office. Which goes to show you, that you are never too old to play with Legos!

Lego Orchid

12. Paint and Sip Wine Kit

The Paint Sesh – Paint and Sip Wine Kit is for the creative or crafty moms that also their wine! Their kits have everything they need to paint their own glassware. The Paint Sesh also sells a vase painting kit, tote bag painting kit and more! Cheers to that!

The Paint Sesh – Paint & Sip Kit

13. Anything with Resin Pressed Flowers

Resin pressed flower accessories, decor, jewelry, etc is on the latest craze! You can literally find anything with handmade with dried flowers. Truly a one of a kind gift! There were so many to choose from so I listed a few unique Mother’s Day pressed flowers gifts below.

Paint Palette: Creative Women

The beautiful paint palette made with real pressed dried flowers, leafs and love for your artistic needs. his makes such a thoughtful gift for artist and those who love to be creative!

Brush Holder: Female Artist

Handmade paint brush holder made from Resin, real pressed flowers and gold flakes. They can even be used as a pencil holder for while you are coloring or creating!

Coasters: For Added Decor

The pressed flower resin coaster set that comes in single, set of 2, or set of 4. You can even choose which color of flowers to get.

Earrings: For the Jewelry Lover

Handmade cute earrings, made of real dried Forger-Me-Not flowers, eco resin and sterling silver posts. If earrings aren’t her thing there are plenty of other flower jewelry options to choose from.

More Resin Pressed Flowers on Etsy

14. Mood Ring

Bringing us to our next creative jewelry gift idea for your special lady. Not every mom likes diamonds. I know it’s a hard concept to believe but some moms out there prefer a little color or something a little more unique. The colors of the ring change throughout the day almost like when your mood changes.

Oval Mood Ring

15. Azalea Bonsai Tree

Azaleas tend to bloom tighter smaller flowers ideal for bonsai. (Coming from someone that has accidentally killed a couple bonsai trees,) the Azalea Bonsai Tree gift option is only recommended for the green thumb gardeners out there because bonsai trees are very high maintenance and need a lot of love and attention.

Azalea Bonsai Tree

16. Lovepop Flower Bouquet

Taking care of a real plant might be too much of a chore. Lovepop Bouquet might be more up your alley. Their standalone centerpieces that are perfect for giving and displaying. A uniquely paper-made bouquet that… won’t ever die!

Lovepop Flowers

Mother’s Day Creative Gift Ideas Conclusion

In conclusion, Mother’s Day is an important occasion that allows us to express our love and appreciation for the incredible women who have shaped our lives. While it’s true that we don’t need a special holiday to show our moms how much we care, the holiday provides a perfect opportunity to find unique and meaningful gifts to make them feel extra special.

With the internet providing a wealth of options for every type of mom out there, we can find the perfect gift that reflects her interests and personality. So, let’s make this Mother’s Day one to remember and show our moms just how much we cherish them.

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