How I Started My Own Business: The Paint Sesh

Instead of being a struggling artist, I decided to start brainstorming other ways to make money and pay the bills…creatively. This is when The Paint Sesh was born.

After working for a painting and drinking franchise for 2 years, I started gaining more knowledge and confidence each time I had to instruct/entertain for each event. From customers wanting to request me for private events and the raving reviews I received after the event, my creative journey started making sense to me. The customers loved me, and I equally loved them… and my job! That’s when I realized that there’s something there.

I started to think to myself more frequently:

“Why am I not doing MY OWN events?! There’s so many things that I would do differently so why not just start MY OWN company?!”

With the not-so-subtle-push from my boyfriend, I started putting things in motion. I began by researching like a crazy person: how to start a business, supplies costs, marketing, etc. Meanwhile, my dude also began to be inspired and started helping me out by creating our website, things were actually happening! The next thing I knew I created my logo and my own concept of what I wanted my painting parties to be!

420 Friendly Painting Events

Since I’m not much of a drinker, after moving to California and experiencing the benefits and good vibes of cannabis, I decided to go another direction instead of the typical paint and sip events. Therefor giving birth to “The Paint Sesh” where you get to embrace your free-spirit with having 420-friendly paint and puff cannabis events. Marijuana is now legal in the state of California, so why not share the experience of “elevated art” with others!

The Paint Sesh gives you the freedom of painting what you want to paint (but with the added comfort of having step-by-step instructions to fall back on.) Throw in some tasty cannabis and hip tunes to the mix and you got yourself a great night out! We decided to still do some paint and sip events as well, so the customers can partake in whatever their preference is. The Paint Sesh is a judgment free zone.

Lady Hustle

I thought starting my own company was going to be so easy and that all I would be doing is painting and instructing…boy was I wrong! Now I’m doing things I never done before like social media campaigning, purchasing inventory, learning Quickbooks, registering my business as an LLC, promoting each event, and the list goes on and on and never ends. I now understand the term “lady hustle” but hey I am happy and will accomplish anything, no matter what is thrown my way. Each day The Paint Sesh continues to grow and after seeing all the reviews and positive experiences our customers have after attending a sesh I know all of this is worth it.

Just Keep Growing: The Domino Effect

The Paint Sesh started out operating only in the Inland Empire and now we made our way to Orange County, Los Angeles, and even San Diego. Have you ever heard the phrase the domino effect? I never fully understood the expression until we had our very first event. News of The Paint Sesh spread like wildfire. After the first event, we had our second, third, and now we have several events a month. (Same with our private painting parties.) Hell, pretty soon we’ll be in other states.

If you’re an interested venue and would like to host The Paint Sesh, find out how here.

Love What You Do, Do What You Love

Being a painting instructor for public events takes more than being a good artist. The most important skills are not only having great customer service, but also having an even greater personality. Like I stated before I love my customers, and my job…and it shows. I will go above and beyond for each and every customer. If the customer is happy and having a good time, than succeeded in achieving my dreams. The greatest feeling is after an event having customers come up to me and give me a hug and say things like “I needed this” or “I’ll definitely be back.” You be the judge.

For more information about the The Paint Sesh visit the site here.

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