About Me

Hi I’m Chelsea, you can call me Chelz.

I’m a professional artist and creative entrepreneur in Southern California. Painting with acrylic paints is my specialty. I love creating beautiful artwork with my vibrant color palette!

When I’m not painting, I’m illustrating new products, instructing art classes, or being a lady boss for The Paint Sesh. Living and creating colorfully is who I am.

Chelz-Artist Statement

What inspires me the most as an artist is life. The world can be such a beautiful place if you view it from the right perspective.

There is too much dark, negative things in this life already. This is why I wanted to start creating through my eyes, my perspective which consists of bright, fun colors that you can’t help but make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Creative Journey

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Big Dreaming

Ever since I picked up a crayon, I knew I was destined for a creative life larger than what I was given in my little village of Ohio. I decided to attend a private art college. I was fortunate enough to take a lot of different art classes, which was when I discovered my love of painting.

I received a degree in Digitial Illustration. I worked as a Graphic Designer for a few years. I wanted to continue my creative exploration so I decided to head out west to California and finally pursue my childhood dreams!

Lady Boss Goals

While in SoCal, I continued down the same career path with the addition of being an art instructor for paint and sip events. This is when I found my true calling of teaching people how to paint and be creative. So I decided to take the plunge and start MY OWN business: The Paint Sesh.

Owning The Paint Sesh gave me the platform I needed to meet other individuals who like my art. I now have a flexible schedule to work on my personal art for Chelzart to help it grow. Art is a way of life for me. Art is my life.

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