What is a Giclee Print: Understanding Fine Art Prints

What is a giclee print? Better yet what is giclee? Let’s start off on how to say “giclee”. Pronounced “jhee-CLAY,” this French word means “to spray,” which is exactly what a giclée inkjet printer does. A fine stream of pigmented ink (more than four million droplets per second) sprays onto archival paper or canvas.

In the giclée process, original images created by an artist (paintings, hand-pulled prints, drawings, or other artwork) are carefully scanned and digitally stored in a computer and then sent to a special giclée printer for output onto 100% cotton paper or canvas substrate.

Benefits of Giclee

Giclée prints are museum-quality, archival, fine art reproductions that will last a lifetime. A giclée printer uses many more colors than a traditional offset printing press or a common digital printer. Because of the pigments and quality print medium, giclee prints demonstrate longevity with fade-resistant colors. In conclusion, giclee’s are noted for their beautiful detail and dynamic color.

Why buy a giclee print?

The beauty of a giclee print is that each reproduction is as true to the original as possible. For art lovers who want to collect fine art but can’t afford to buy an original, giclée prints are a popular (and beautiful!) alternative.

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