High Art Classes: 420 Friendly Painting in Southern California

I don’t just paint colorful art, I also teach art classes. Not just any type of art classes but high art classes that are *420 friendly! Or if drinking and painting is more your thing I teach painting sessions at bars and restaurants too! The Paint Sesh allows me to share my love of art, specifically painting, with others. You can check out some of my art I created for The Paint Sesh, in my portfolio!

(*420 friendly: cannabis friendly meaning cannabis intake is not only allowed but strongly encouraged)

The Paint Sesh: Paint and Puff Sesh’s

Long story short…after being an art instructor for a Paint and Sip franchise for several years, I decided to start my own mobile painting party business: The Paint Sesh. But I wanted to add a 420 friendly twist. Cannabis was about to become legal recreationally in California. Why not start high art classes?

The Paint Sesh consists of just me and my boyfriend. A couple of Southern California based artists who wanted to get artsy with other like-minded creatives. Whether you prefer to drink, relax with a little cannabis, or if you’re just looking for night out to paint. We’re a judgement free zone so we welcome everyone to our high art classes or as we like to call them Paint and Puff.

Coming from a small town in the country of Ohio, I’ll be the first to admit being closed off to anything cannabis or cannabis related. After moving to Southern California and being exposed to other cultures and lifestyles I started to be more open minded to cannabis.

Having anxiety, depression, and been involved in numerous car accidents you could say I can be a bit tense at times. Cannabis helped me to just feel good. When I say “feel good” I mean mentally, physically, and spiritually. I was free. Free from all the negativity and stressed that I’ve grown so accustomed too. Cannabis helped me to find myself.

Why High Art Classes?

When I painted while I was smoking my favorite sativa flower for the first time, everything changed. I felt lighter. It was almost like the paint brush was taking over and I didn’t have to think about anything that was bringing me stress.

That’s when I discovered art is a form of therapy. Adding cannabis to the mix is just the cherry on the top. I had to share this highly creative experience with others. The Paint Sesh provides that experience. Now adults have a 420 friendly creative outlet with other like minded individuals.

And boy, do I LOVE being a painting instructor!

-xoxo, Chelz

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