12 Best Gift Ideas for Female Bosses and Entrepreneurs

Being a boss lady, I wanted to share my two-cents about some of the best gift ideas for female bosses. My list has a little bit of everything: practical, techy, unique but most importantly fun gift ideas for lady bosses. There are too many boring gift ideas out there so I wanted to come up with a list of fun, cutesy for all the females in business. I’ve even included some suggestions that I even have and use myself. Starting with my first and personal favorite recommendation.

1. Passion Planner

Being a female boss means having a busy life. One of the best gifts you can get your female boss is a planner, specifically a Passion Planner. What makes a Passion Planner so special?  There’s a structure for plans, blank pages for creativity, and room for reflection, Passion Planner helps you identify your dreams and build toward them every day.  I’m a proud owner myself and it’s been helping me complete my goals!

2. Lady Boss Enamel Pin

Of course, I’m going to suggest a gift idea that I created. My lady boss enamel pins make for a great stocking stuffer or just a small budget gift. Plus, there are color options!

3. Desk Plant

Make the office environment livelier. You can get your female boss something green and small to put on her desk.  A good choice for a plant would be the Lucky Bamboo. Bamboo represents wealth in feng shui and it is believed to bring good fortunes.

4. Custom Nameplate

Not just your average nameplate. A custom nameplate is the perfect gift idea for a female boss. There are other designs to choose from and you can even add their logo. They will want to show this nameplate off!

5. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Just add some drops of essential oil into the water tank, the humidifier turns to an oil diffuser, allowing you to enjoy the fragrance and relax your mind immediately. (FYI: Lavender is a good scent for stress relieving.)

6. Boss Lady Scented Candle

Maybe diffusers aren’t their thing. Get them a candle instead! Most women love candles! Make it a coffee scented candle and you are set! Who doesn’t love the smell of coffee shops?

7. Swig Coffee Mug

Speaking of coffee…Swig has some really cute designs for coffee mugs. The fun doesn’t stop there, they even have tumblers, water bottles, and more. The company’s drinkware relies on premium triple insulation technology, including vacuum-sealed, stainless steel double-walls with copper-coated linings. So you know it’s good quality! What really sets them apart is their creative and eye-catching patterns, colors and designs. You can never have too many mugs…or wine glasses.

8. Laptop Stand

This is one of those gifts that you don’t really realize you needed one until you have one. As someone who slouches and has a bad neck/back. I’ve noticed a change in my posture since I started using a computer stand. (Now all I need is a lap desk for when I’m on the couch. ) If they have a desktop computer a monitor shelf would be the perfect addition to their desk.

9. Agate Bookends

As a fellow boss lady, I have a lot of books sitting on my shelf and could definitely use some exotic, beautiful bookends. Personally, agate bookends is something that’s sitting in my shopping wishlist. It’s one of those things that you really want but don’t want to buy yourself, so they make the perfect gift for your female boss. Crystals in this sacred shape are thought to harness high vibrational energies for greater manifestation power.

10. Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds (With Microphone)

If you are looking to spend a little more, maybe for a Christmas gift, birthday, etc I would definitely go with some good quality earbuds. They are perfect for the female bosses who travel since they are compact. As well as if they are always on the phone too, since they have built-in microphones.

I’m biased with the Apple Airpods but they can be more pricey. I recommend Raycon instead if you are looking for more budget-friendly earbuds. Plus they have rose gold! Whether they’re always on the go or listening to their favorite audiobook, earbuds sure do come in handy.

11. Audible Membership

Speaking of audiobooks, that brings me to my next gift idea. An Audible membership is great for the lady bosses who are always working away on their computers. Sometimes you just need some background noise other than music. I personally find myself never having the time to sit down and read a book. That’s where audiobooks come in handy so you can listen in the background while you’re working. Whether it’s just for one month, or a couple they can test it out and see if it’s for them.

12. Bottle of Wine

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine. I’m sure from all the lady hustling they have been doing they could use a glass of wine… or two! 😉

Fun Lady Boss Gifts Takeaway

As a fellow girl boss, I can say wholeheartedly that whatever you get your boss or entrepreneur she will love! You’re taking the time into looking for the perfect gift which shows that you truly care. That is the true gift.

If you have any other best gift ideas for female bosses please let me know by leaving a comment. I’d love to hear more suggestions!


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