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A graphic design can be a powerful way to communicate with your audience with imagery. Sometimes it’s beneficial to use images and illustrations to bring your research to life. Chelzart will help assist clients with their visual communication to their customers by carrying out relevant research, choosing the best media for to display your message. Most importantly, the client’s assigned plans of action and constraints of the demands will be met:

1. My approach begins with an initial discussion about the design project. We get an in-depth look at the current situation; your story, your approach, who you are trying to reach and the key goals involved.

2. Then we take a look at the larger picture or context. This forms the foundation upon which we visualize, explore new directions, and contextualize approaches for achieving the goals of the project.

3. The strongest concepts are brought into focus and sketches are presented. Designs are discussed and developed and honed into the final version through an iterative process.

4. The project is completed with the creation of the final deliverable.

Need more convincing? Take a gander of previous clients testimonials. Ready to get started in your own custom artwork? See below for the deets.

Designs provided:



• apparel

• business cards

• brochures

• flyers/ posters



• caricature/portrait

• cartoon

• collage  

• concept



• album cover

• book

• greeting card

• magazine


visual identity

• branding

• logo design

• typography

• web development


quality, affordable, & creative.

Project Quotes:

There’s no set-in-stone price guide for graphic design. Every project is different, some projectstake me 20 minutes, some take me a few hours, so I quote on a project by project basis. Get in touch, tell me about yourself or your company, tell me about your project and what you need, and I’ll get back to you with a quote.


Lead Time:

Due to the nature of the illustration projects, turn-around time varies, but I will try my best to provide you sketches for your design within 2-3 days. The client’s ability to review and discuss sketches and design rounds influences the speed with which a project is completed. If you have a tight deadline we can definitely make something happen!



The price range reflects the the style and complexity needed for your project. Some are quick to make, some aren’t. If you have a style in mind for your project let me know ahead of time. Or if you have a budget to stick with be sure to let me know so we’re all happy! 

A deposit may be required before designing can begin. Terms will be defined in the quote, I accept payment through  PayPal  or  Venmo.



All quotes are estimates, and subject to change. Typically graphic design projects are on an hourly basis. Hours logs will be delivered with final invoice and are available at any time upon request.

Quality, Affordable, & Creative.

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Design Phases

From Start to Finish



Information gathering phase.

The first critical step to a well-thought out design process is a briefing. Where Chelzart will gather as much information as I can about each client’s expectations, the company’s mission, vision, and goals, as well as their products or services.The main goal of the research phase is to define the context for the work to be delivered.

This step, is essentially the information gathering exercise and involves research into each client offering, the client marketplace and the competitive landscape within which the client operates. In this phase it’s critical to analyze the goals and objectives of each client offering in order to deliver the creative required for an effective campaign.



Critical thinking phase.

After the research phase my design inspiration kicks-in and it’s time to get work fleshing out a few concepts. Once I’m confident that I have 3 solid concepts it’s a good time for me to get the client involved again and involve them in the creative process. Chelzart will present and discuss the concepts with each client and pay special attention to the feedback. It can be a huge time saver to get feedback from each client at this early stage in order to minimize on the amount of revisions required later.

I will refine and adjust the concepts in conjunction with each client until we’re both confident that things are headed in the right direction. Once we’re on the same page and confident that the chosen concept fulfills each client’s requirements, I can fire up your design applications and begin the next phase of the graphic design process.



Articulation phase.

Now that the research has been completed, Chelzart will finalize the content and get approval on a concept. Then I can move on to the actual design phase of the graphic design process which culminates in the delivery of two or more final versions of the product, where I will explore and develop color, type treatment, look and feel of the design.

Once Chelzart is confident that the products meet the client’s requirements and I have presented the clients desired content in a clear, concise and cohesive manner, it will be time to present my final concept to each client for approval and finalization.



Production phase.

If all goes well, each client will choose one of the final designs presented and I will go ahead and finalize it for production and or publishing if required. Which I will then discuss the final versions with each client and allow them to refine any elements with which they’re unsatisfied. This process will be rinsed and repeated until we are confident that the final product is exactly what’s required.

Once agreed upon, Chelzart will prepare, and deliver the final version to each client along with any final invoices. Once the work is handed over and the account is closed, I will provide each client with a final statement.


Cory Stoken
"Chelz is a very talented artist and has been a tremendous asset to my team.  Her innate design ability is off the charts and she's always willing to tackle any project no matter how difficult.  Whether it's production design, graphic design, painting, or photography, this chick will rock your socks off every time."

Pittsburgh, PA


Pittsburgh, PA

"Chelz is a very talented artist and has been a tremendous asset to my team.  Her innate design ability is off the charts and she's always willing to tackle any project no matter how difficult.  Whether it's production design, graphic design, painting, or photography, this chick will rock your socks off every time."
Calli Rammel

I hired Chelsea to do some business cards for me. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted so she presented me with several Color schemes and card designs. She helped me narrow it down to one idea to my liking. I'll definitely be going to her again!

San Diego, CA


San Diego, CA

I'll definitely be going to her again!

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