Home is Where the heART is

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“Wearing Your Heart on your Sleeves” found a home! ❤️ Thanks you to an old classmate of mine, for taking interest in my work, enough to purchase an original! Nothing makes you feel better than someone actually have someone take … Read More

New Job

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Started the new job today as an art assistant. I was getting high from all the chemicals in the air because of the mediums we use. 😜 Anyway off to more painting. 🖌

Art is Life

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I feel like I’m at my best self when I’m painting. Just shut the world off with a flick of a switch and the only thing that matters is your paint to the canvas. It is one of the most … Read More

Intro to Chelzart

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Thanks for coming to my site. Here I will share all my creative ideas, tips, and to encourage anyone who takes a gander. My main goal, like any other artist, is to inspire. It takes a lot of drive to finally … Read More